ZOURA an intricate beaded bags,and recently ZOURA added a costume jewelry in our collection.


Beaded bags are handweaved beads by beads with high quality 6mm acrylic beads in various color,intricate designs and patterns to differenciate ZOURA's beaded bag with others.

To add more unique into ZOURA's beaded bag,we also use a high quality hardwares and findings.

All ZOURA's beaded bag have bag closure so your stuff are more secured and safe.


Costume jewelry are recently added into ZOURA's collection. All costume jewelry are handstitched with various method such as brick stitch,peyote,embroideries. ZOURA's costume jewelry are mostly using quality Japanese seed beads such as Miyuki Opaque 11/0, Toho Permanent Finish 11/0,crystal and gemstones cabochon. All patterns are unique and lightweight and of course an absolute conversation piece.